Curling your hair frequently with heat tools can be tempting but it can cause damage, especially if your hair is coloured or fragile. Now, thanks to the new FabCurler, you can have gorgeous curls without heat, saving you time styling your hair and keeping your hair healthy.  

The heatless FabCurler is made with high quality, soft bamboo material, which feels luxurious and is absorbent to help speed up the setting process. Apart from giving you fabulous curls, FabCurler also helps to prevent frizz making sure your curls are smooth and look great all day.

As a single piece device, it’s extremely easy to use and unlike other products on the market you don’t need to worry about trying to handle additional ties and other pieces to keep the curler in your hair. Plus, it looks super cute!

Twelve months in the making, development of the FabCurler began in August 2020, after its young creator found other products on the market were complicated and provided inconsistent results. It was important to choose the right fabric as it had to be absorbent, soft and durable. Securing the curler into the hair was also an important design consideration, with a focus on comfort as well as simplicity.    

With no complex parts, FabCurler is easy for anyone to use. It takes only minutes to install, and you can choose to have looser or tighter curls by wrapping larger or smaller sections of hair around the FabCurler.

Suitable for shoulder to long length hair, FabCurler provides a heatless option for anyone who wants easy curls without applying heat to their hair. It really is a tool you can use with total confidence.

Compact and durable, the soft FabCurler is your best travelling and on the go buddy. It is also the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for anyone from teenagers to busy mums.

Available in Original Pink for $49.95 plus free standard shipping Australia wide.

Shop online at FabCurler.com